Wednesday Wallpaper: January 12, 2011


You gotta love this hump day.

Throughout history, some pretty rad stuff has gone down on January 12th.

  • 1816: Napolean Bonaparte exiled from France (sacré bleu!)
  • 1906: Football legalizes the forward pass (yay…)
  • 1915: Congress passes bill to preserve Rocky Mountain National Park (next, Rail Gardens?)
  • 1948: First supermarket opens in the UK (1948 was a very boring year)
  • 1966: Red Auerbach wins 1,000 game as coach of the Boston Celtics (legend)
  • 1966: Batman premieres on ABC (Ace & Gary?)
  • 1970: Rage Against The Machine’s Zack de la Rocha is born (1954: Howard Stern)
  • 1995: OJ Simpson murder trials begins (note: “not guilty”)
  • 1997: 2001: A Space Oddyssey‘s HAL goes live (terrifiying)
  • 1998: Europe bans human cloning (more Euros = more terrifying)
  • 2011: It’s freakin’ puking snow all over the East Coast USA (get after it!!)

Ok, so most of those events were kind of lame (except for the Celtics). But the snow is pummeling the Eastern states right now, finally getting their piece of the deep winter that’s been falling on Tahoe, the Sierras, Rockies, Northwest, and pretty much all over the map so far this season—Mammoth got 208 inches in December alone!

While the powder continues to stack, enjoy another great edition of Wallpaper snaps.
Dan “The Man” Brisse, Mark “The Shark” Landvik, and Gigi “Nothing Rhymes With Gigi” Rüf,
shot by TWS Senior Photographers Andy Wright, Scott Serfas, and Frode Sandbech. Bam!


Dan Brisse, popping life his life depended on it. It kind of did, actually. Salt Lake City Mega-Gap. PHOTO: Andy Wright
Dan Brisse, popping like his life depended on it. Probably because it did. SLC mega-gapper. PHOTO: Andy Wright