MINI and Burton Snowboards have introduced the Creative Use of Space Award to the 2011 MINI and Burton Global Open Series.

We – MINI and Burton – felt that competitive snowboarding over the last 3 decades has developed judging criteria that are fully suited to determine the technically most refined contribution to competitive snowboarding.

However, the creative aspects of snowboarding that combine a innovative vision of space surrounding a rider with the most stylish tricks and moves possible had to step back behind technical progression and the necessity of adding another spin and flip to a run in order put one’s feet on the podium. To put a long story short: „Spin to win” is the competitive mission when aiming for top-scores rather than using creative abilities derived from backcountry freestyle and mini-shred extravaganza.

As much as we appreciate the technical highlights shown in contest snowboarding, we also appreciate the simple beauty and stoke perceived when following a trick, combo or run breaking with the spin-to-win norms and being a creative stand-out shredder.

This is why we decided to select a number of clips showing the most creative riding during the semi-finals and finals of the BGOS Slopestyle and Halfpipe events, process them through continental public votings on www.facebook.com/MINI into a global public voting and reward the winning male and female rider with the Creative Use Of Space Award and 25.000 $US each.

Yup, this is a lot of money and given the online channels we plan to use to communicate this initiative this could also mean a lot of fame for the riders participating. We also didn’t cut short on the good peeps participating in the online voting which are going to happen on www.facebook.com/MINI Burton. From all the voters pressing the „like” button for any clip shown on www.facebook.com/MINI Burton one lucky guy or girl is going on a trip to the 2011 New Zealand Open with 3 more friends, literally all expenses covered and full on V.I.P. treatment.

MINI facebook friends head straight to the voting page by simply clicking: http://apps.facebook.com/cuos_award