Top Ten Most Viewed Videos Of 2010

Top Ten Most Viewed Videos of 2010: #1

“Exclusive: Shaun White’s Insane New Double McTwist 12”

88,863 views. As of post time, footage of Shaun’s Gold Medal-winning double stunt has compiled more views than any other in 2010—more than double the next best, even. When this video dropped on the website on January 22nd, internet hell broke loose. Olympics were in the air, double corks in the pipe were few and far between, and the redheaded one shot past the competition once again. Although, strangely enough, it was only Tweeted once. Hm…

“Shaun White busted out an insane new trick at the final Grand Prix practice under the lights at Park City tonight—a double McTwist 1260. He says, he booked it straight to Park City after the Mammoth Grand Prix and, reminiscent of last winter when he innovated several double corks in the pipe, he fixated on this new goal. He says pretty much everything came together, the sun came out, the pipe was perfect, and, ” I just looped it a couple times and it just landed itself basically.” He put down five more in a row right after that and then busted it out for everyone to see tonight. He says the trick to the trick is that, ‘You’ve gotta know right at that right moment to pull back after the first McTwist.’ Got it?”Full Text From The Original Post

And the rest, as they say, is His Story.


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