Top Ten Most Viewed Videos Of 2010


From Torstein’s non-stop film and edit schedule and Bear’s classic weekends, to Shoot Outs, full parts, park checks, and Shaun’s golden trick evolution; 2010 raised the viewing bar in snowboarding like seldom seen before. Tricks went down, kids came up, spots got blown, and season’s got shot—all in front of our very screens and eyes.

Looking forward to 2011, we’ll be premiering more insane videos, films, and parts on than ever. Upgrade that beasted dial-up connection and prepare those pupils for cornea-singeing snowboard overload. The new video decade is going to be get buck.

Alright! Without further delay, here are the ten most watched videos of the year. Enjoy!


Top Ten Most Viewed Videos of 2010: #10

“Mammoth Mountain Video Spot Check”

Dropped on February 23rd, 2010, Tyler Flanagan stars in this Mammoth Mountain spot check video from ThirtyTwo. Over 25,000 readers watched Tyler and friends rip all over the park, sending it from top to bottom.

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