Top Five SLAMS Of The Year


Crash, Slam, Lobbled, Beasted, Played, Wrecked, Monday Mallet—no matter what you call it, getting broke off on your snowboard sucks; but it’s also a huge part of the shared experience of strapping in. You gotta take the good with the bad, even when it leaves you bruised, busted, embarassed, or just in one helluva lotta pain. Thankfully, it’s freakin’ sweet watching other people get hucked. The five gnarliest, scariest, altogether most entertaining fails of 2010. Hope they had health insurance.


Top Five Slams Of The Year: #5

“Monday Mallet: Decked Out At Hood”

Our boy Kyle Fischer is always going for broke when strapped in. On this sunny summer day up at Hood however, the trannyfinder miscalculates the gap, crunching up so bad that one of the interns wet himself (more than usual, we mean).

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