Top Five Mainstream Moments Of 2010

Top Five Mainstream Moments Of The Year: #1

Shaun White Gets Furry With Foxtails

No Debate Here.

Shaun’s chest-bearing outfit at the MTV Movie Awards pretty much knocked us flat on our asses.

Miss your audition for The Warriors sequel, bud? Rob your great aunt’s jewelry cabinet?
Wait a second … Is that a Foxtail hanging from your belt??

Furry? Teen Wolves? We’re a bit speechless on this one …

"You can hate me now, but I won't stop now... Money is power! I got millions of thugs on salary, b—ch!" — Diddy // Hate Me Now

Well, there you have it. The #1 Mainstream Moment Of 2010.

The Lamborghini-driving, Gold Medal-winning, P.Diddy-friending, hot-as-hell girlfriend-having, double Rolling Stone cover-posing, video game-hosting, multi-millionaire snowboard prodigy, and his foxtail.