Top Five Mainstream Moments Of 2010


Moving on up! In 2010, snowboarding made more moves than the mothahlovin’ Jeffersons. The Frends got baked on national television; Johnny Lyall burned through rings of fire; Tim Humphreys GoPro’d his way onto Sportscenter; every snowboarder, media, and just about every person on the planet (except for USA Today’s Christine Brennan) rode for KP; and um, Shaun furred-out …

So here we go — the five most public and visible mainstream snowboarding moments of 2010.


Top Five Mainstream Moments Of The Year: #5

The Frends Get Baked

Danny and Mason may have been hurt and off their boards a bit this past season, but at least they had mounds and mounds of chemical “pizza” rolls to help pass the time. Their Totino’s commercial landed them on cable TV, and at #5 on our Mainstream Moments list.


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