The 14th Annual Riders Poll Nominees

Men’s Video Part of the year

1. Frank April- Enlighten


Frank April’s ender part in Videograss’s Enlighten was insane. Frank is the kind of rider where you think it’s going to be nothing but huge, burly features, but then he goes and surprises you with some awesome creative and technical tricks. He can blend both worlds together, and that’s not an easy thing to do.

2. Mikkel Bang- 13 2012 was the year Mikkel Bang really got to show just how sick he really is. People knew that he was good, but now after seeing his part in Burton’s 13, they know that he’s really good. Mikkel is a beast, and his 13 part is proof.

3. Nicolas Müller – Resonance Has Nicolas Müller ever put out a bad video part? No, he hasn’t. This year was no exception. That’s why he’s on the list. Real recognizes real. The other catagories that the riders voted on were the following: