The 14th Annual Riders Poll Nominees

Men’s Rider of the Year

1. Bode Merrill Bode Merrill has put out some awesome video parts. This year, in a year when not many people put out that rad of parts, was no exception. His part in Absinthe‘s video, Resonance was awesome. He hits the gnarliest street features and some of the most insane back-country jumps.

2. Nicolas Müller Holy shit did Nicolas Müller have a killer year. He had an amazing part in Absinthe’s Resonance, he had an amazing part in Pirates Unique 8, and he won ESPN’s Real Backcountry. That’s more than most pros do in their whole careers.

3. Pat Moore Pat Moore crushed it this year with an ender part for the second year in a row in Forum‘s last movie, #Forum. He also got third in ESPN’s Real Snow contest. Not bad for a dude who had a hurt knee for half the season.

Women’s Rider of the Year and Women’s video part of the year (the same three are nominated for both)

1.Desiree Melancon

Just watch this part from Desiree Melancon and tell us she didn’t kill it. You’d be lying if you said that, becasue she did kill it.

2.Hana Beaman


Hana Beaman has been putting out video parts for a long time, but this year it all worked out for her and she put out the best part of her career. She did a backside 720 over the Baker road gap, and she did a cab 720 into powder. Heavy shit right there.

3. Jess Kimura Jess Kimura‘s full part, Barely is enough to get her on this list, but it’s not the only thing. She also killed it at the Holy Bowly in Japan, and just all around ripped last season.