The 14th Annual Riders Poll Nominees

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The 14th Annual Riders Poll Nominees

The 14th annual Riders Poll is happening February 1 at the historic Fillmore Theater in Denver, Colorado. Over 100 professional riders have voted on the riders, tricks, and video parts they thought killed it the hardest last season to arrive at the nominees announced here. Let’s just make this 100 percent clear, TransWorld SNOWboarding didn’t pick these nominees—the pros did. But we did think it would be nice to go a little in-depth and show you exactly who everyone is, and what they did last season.

Make sure you get to the Fillmore theater in Denver Colorado on February 1st to take part in all the action! The 14th annual TransWorld SNOWboarding Riders’ Poll Awards Show is presented by New Era. Additional sponsors include: Red Bull, Go Pro, Keystone Resort, Zumiez, and Protect Our Winters.

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Men’s Rookie of the Year

1. Brandon Cocard

Brandon Cocard killed it in his first year filming for Absinthe. He hit rad backcountry jumps and he also slid a hundred stair rail. Not bad, not bad.

2. Danimals


Danimals came out swinging hard this past season in Videograss‘s movie, The Darkside. He was able to stand out with his awesome style and killer trick selection. It’s becasue of that he made this list. This part is a little old, but you get the gist.

3. Frank April


Frank April came out with an unbelievable ender part in the Videograss movie Enlighten and a part in Yes It’s a Movie Too. Frank is a beast, and it showed this year. The video above is his part from The Brothers Factory video, Tabarnac.

Women’s Rookie of the Year:

1. Aimee Fuller

Aimee Fuller came out strong this season, even though she got hurt. She has a sick backside rodeo, did well in some contests, and as you just watched above, put out a sick video part. Not too shabby for a girl who learned to shred on a dry slope.


2. Cilka Sadar

Cilka Sadar was the 2011/2012 TTR overall champion. That’s a pretty heavy title to win. If you watch the second half of this video you can find out how she got there. She can ride pipe and jumps. Not many people can do that these days. Versatility is key, don’t forget that.

3. Corinne Pasela


Corinne Pasela more or less came out of nowhere this past season and absolutely slayed it. She’s one of the gnarliest female rail riders out there. Check out her Peepshow X Roxy welcome to the team part. It’s heavy.

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