Signal: A Formal Introduction

Signal: A Formal Introduction

Signal Snowboards is brought to you by long-time friends Dave Lee and Kellie Talbot. While snowboarding has always been a shared passion of ours, we believe there is so much more to life. We would like to use Signal as a creative platform, one that will allow our team riders, our friends, and ourselves the opportunity to explore and showcase our various interests in art, music, film,and snowboarding. Our website ( dedicates over half its space to customer interaction, we want you——the shop owner, the photographer, the musician, andthe rider, to feel like Signal is more than just another snowboard company. It’s an opportunity to share in something equal parts art and athletics.

On Signal’s “Featured Artist Page”, we highlight a new artist each month, demonstrating our commitment to supporting talented, creative peopleworking in mediums of all kinds. The Signal team riders are Matt Hammer, Guy Deschenes, Stephen Myers, Jacqui Berg, Owen Roth, and MichaelHeatherington-Keyes (a.k.a. Mikee H.K). In addition to their exceptional riding skills, all of our riders have creative interests that serve to shape and influence their lives, their friends, and futures outside of snowboarding. Our goal is to support our riders in everything they put their hearts and minds to.

With the snowboarding industry as stagnant as it is, now is a good time for a creative and visionary revolution. It will take the inspired efforts of all of us to bring about some much needed change. Signal Snowboards is owned by DaveLee and is run with partners Kellie Talbot, Ian Fels, Matt LaCross, and Matt Hammer. As an independently owned, rider-driven company, we hope to give the industry a little nudge in the right direction.

For the 04-05 season, our softgoods, and sandwich-construction, park/pipe and progressive freeride boards can be found in core-shops throughout the U.S., Canada, Russia, Korea, and Japan. Available in seven sizes: 147, 151, 153, 155, 157, 159 and 163-cm. Shipping begins mid-September. *For those riders who do not have a select shop in their area, boards and softgoods can be purchased online, (contact the signalwebsite for further details). Boards retail for $325.00 (U.S.) Join us. Thank you. Additional information online at: .