Our favorite US Olympians have been nominated for ESPN’s ESPY awards! Sage Kotsenburg, Jamie Anderson and Kaitlyn Farrington are up for Best Male and Female U.S. Olympians, and we’re here to remind you how much they deserve it. Remember how awesome that 1620 Japan air made America look? And that bacon olympic medal he got on Conan? Who could forget Jamie’s gold medal winning run at Sochi in 2014, marking her fifth competitive gold since 2007.

Kaitlyn Farrington, U.S. Halfpipe gold medalist is up against Jamie for the title, but we think they’ll be stoked for snowboarding regardless of who of the pair takes the it.  And while you’re voting don’t forget to show some love for four-time XGames pipe gold medalist Kelly Clark, who’s nominated for The Best Women in action sports award.

These athletes are the pride of our community, and we couldn’t be more stoked to have them representing us in the eyes of the general public. Their positive attitudes above all make them terrific examples of snowboarders who are in it for the fun of it, but can dominate competitively at the same time, and they never fail to make us proud.

What can you do to help show your support for Jamie, Sage Kelly and Kaitlyn? Vote, vote and vote again. Every day from now until July 16th you can submit a vote each for Sage and Jamie to help guarantee what we already know, they’re winners.

Here’s how to vote.

1. Click the link on the bottom of this page, or click here.

2.  Click the “Click Here For More Categories” button.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 3.27.01 PM

3. Click on the Best Male and Female U.S. Olympian buttons.

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4. Click on Sage, Jamie, Kaitlyn, or Kelly’s picture to vote.

5. Repeat until July 16th at 9 pm!

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