Double Riegler and Pontus Stahlkloo

Sesto-San Candido (ITA). For the third day in a row Sesto-San Candido presented itself at its best with pure sunshine and summer temperatures all day long for the ninth Snowboard Cross race of the 1999/2000 NOKIA Snowboard FIS World Cup. Double Riegler with Claudia and her sister Manuela from Austria taking first and second in the women’s race, Sweden’s Pontus Stahlkloo claimed the win in the men’s.

The weather could not have been any better when the Snowboard Cross riders were out for the season’s penultimate race today. After the course has been quite icy in the morning the snow got softer for the finals and the conditions turned out to be really good. World Cup leader Pontus Stahlkloo from Sweden proved his skills again by winning all four final heats and finally claiming his second win this season. “I thought the weather has been nice in Park City, but this was even better,” he said, “the snow was very slushy, almost like in summer, but the course was really nice. I think the organisers have done a great job, considering the amount of snow left over here, they’ve built big jumps. Coming from the freestyle and using soft boots I think I had a big advantage. It was very exciting to face Steggall and Nantermod in the final heat since the three of us are also fighting for the World Cup.” Zeke Steggall from Down Under had recovered from a bad crash in Park City last week and finished second. “It has been really tough in the qualification,” he said, “I thought I had a clean run but only finished seventh, maybe I was just flying way too much in the air. I changed wax for the finals and worked it out. Second was like over the moon…” Austria’s Alexander Koller had also suffered from a shoulder injury he got in Japan three weeks ago and was stoked after finishing third. “I’m really happy that it went that well,” he said, “after three weeks without racing I didn’t know where I was staying. Third place is great although it could have been even better, but I jumped into the start ramp in the finals which happened to me for the third time now. It looks like I’m too unpacient and can’t wait to go…” Guillaume Nantermod finished fourth.Stahlkloo is further leading the World Cup standings ahead of Steggall and Nantermod, so the final decision between those three will only be taken in the final race.

Austria’s Riegler sisters Claudia and Manuela claimed gold and silver in the women’s race. “That’s just great, unbelievable, I didn’t make it to the finals for two years,” Claudia said, overwhelmed by her first-ever Snowboard Cross win, “we really wanted a Riegler final for such a long time and being first and second was something special. Manu was just next to me at the start and had bad luck when she has hit the start ramp so I didn’t expect her to be second since the other two had a better start. The course fit me a lot, it was so much fun riding, you didn’t have to slow down and could just keep going.” Her sister added: “We had originally planned for this in the Parallel since that would have been more likely but Claudia got so much stronger in Snowboard Cross this year. When I had this problem at the start I just jelled at her to speed up. Now it’s up to our Dad to fulfill his promise ¿ he announced to do something special if this ever happens, so maybe we will see him changed to blond at the finals…” Carmen Ranigler from Italy finished third. “I did not epext this at all,” she said, “I was sick over the past days and slept bad so I’m really happy I made it to third today.” France’s Marie Laissus was back after her injury at Park City and made it to fourth place. “I’m glad to be back,” she said. “especially since I will be part of the fight for the World Cup.” Ranigler took the yellow leader jersey today, Laissus is in second ahead of Manuela Riegler.

The World Cup finals will take place in Livigno (ITA) next weekend.


from Big Final
141004920Riegler, ClaudiaAUT1000r>231004823Riegler, ManuelaAUT800
361071559Ranigler, CarmenITA600
451313574Laissus, MarieFRA500

from Small Final
521005308Ruby, KarineFRA450
611032565Fingerlos, UrsulaAUT400
771203867Tikhvinskaja, MariaRUS360
8121403396Duboc, EmmanuelleFRA320

after Quarter Final
981641434Bitterli, CharlotteSUI56.80290
1091403105Pomagalski, JulieFRA56.98260
11101094451Schlegel, NinaAUT57.13240
12111047309Pescosta, AlessandraITA57.20220
13131194846Kukucz, MalgorzataPOL57.57200
13141547829Guenther, DorisAUT57.57200
15151217350Marczulajtis, JagnaPOL57.71160
16161313283Rey, MarjorieFRA57.89150

not in Finals
17341002786Kulawik, AmalieGER58.44140
18281182430McKenna, LesleyGBR58.65130
19411605835Grönholm, SariFIN58.73120
20291261873Farmand, SandraGER58.92110
21521651813Bervar, AnjaSLO59.06100
22211085139Tible, AurelieFRA59.3290
23351115694Steiner, MichaelaITA59.5280
24561642792Annunziata, MichelleITA59.6370
25471408052Kaltiainen, AnnaFIN59.6660
26451244704Desmares, NathalieFRA59.8150
2851Zandervan, KarinNED1:00.5640
29571239466Mularz, JoannaBEL1:00.5736
30311387294Bergdahl, SophiaSWE1:03.4532
31461575280Pellissier, CoralieITA1:13.2928


from Big Final
111234034Stahlkloo, PontusSWE1000
271176998Steggall, ZekeAUS800
321028879Koller, AlexanderAUT600
481393987Nantermod, GuillaumeSUI500

from Small Final
561213373Morency, MathieuCAN450
6221218126Starowicz, LukaszPOL400
7121276811Vastamäki, JoniFIN360
8131403881Sachot, GuillaumeFRA320

after Quarter Final
951314447Sterner, MagnusSWE51.40290
10111115791Feichter, WalterITA51.92260
11141238690Stadler, FelixAUT52.19240
12161118507Ebner, MarkusGER52.23220
13171332101Malusa, SimoneITA52.26200
14211477504Maier, AlexanderAUT52.99180
15231093190Prommegger, AndreasAUT53.07160
16261311537Pitkälä, Antti-JussiFIN53.20150

after 1/8 Final
1731004047Pogue, AntonUSA51.30140
1841449180Frank, SebastienFRA51.31130
1991662095Plancon, GrégoryFRA51.81120
20101403687Duclos, SylvianFRA51.84110
21151145085Hackhofer, ArthurITA52.21100
22181263716Layer, MichaelGER52.4290
23191237526Chiquet, MathieuFRA52.7280
24201005599Sammer, KlausAUT52.7570
25241398255Pozzolini, StefanoITA53.0860
25251502045Ligonnet, ThomasFRA53.0860
27271045951Feichter, ArnoITA53.2245
28281220260Fernandez, DanielSPA53.2740
28291327639Grebetcharski, Bojan DimitrovBUL53.2740
30301006569Tikhomirov, DenisRUS53.5032
31311175349Vaitkous, DimitriRUS53.5228
32321653947Heuten, EmmanuelBEL53.5326

not in Finals33691379437Howe, GlennNZE53.6724
34471403784Blanc, FabriceFRA53.7322
35791005017Rolland, XavierFRA53.7720
36841707976Paret, DamienFRA53.7818
37421084363Bourgault, ThomasFRA53.8016
38501203770Zezin, DenisRUS53.8314
39851538905Pinto, RaulUSA53.9112
40641541330Lien, AlexanderNOR54.2411
41651652104Grundelius, JonasSWE54.9710
42901066903Hackhofer, MarkusITA55.159
43711281564Fröyse, Arnstein DalumNOR55.298
44811007830Rajala, WilleFIN55.317
45771599045Niederkofler, KurtITA55.506
45761449277Mermillod, OlivierFRA55.506
47601115209Troger, PhilippAUT55.904
48861246644Gariepy, JoelCAN55.933
49821546568Kleinlercher, HannesAUT56.012
50961335787Demirev, GeorgiBUL56.171
51621002107Idesheim, MaxenceFRA56.24
52971651716Jensterle, TomazSLO56.28
53831242473Goller, AlexITA56.31
54781217835Kaim, AndrzejPOL56.52
55671311343Nuuttila, MikkoFIN56.64
56921117246Fröyse, Alf DalumNOR56.86
57881584398Kaarlela, AnttiFIN57.61
58801507865Imboden, YannSUI58.68
5987Kim, Soo-ChulKOR1:01.86
ensterle, TomazSLO56.28
53831242473Goller, AlexITA56.31
54781217835Kaim, AndrzejPOL56.52
55671311343Nuuttila, MikkoFIN56.64
56921117246Fröyse, Alf DalumNOR56.86
57881584398Kaarlela, AnttiFIN57.61
58801507865Imboden, YannSUI58.68
5987Kim, Soo-ChulKOR1:01.86