Red Bull Snowboarding Camp, Week Two

Redbull Nz Performance Camp

A new week, a new crew.

The second week at the Performance camp couldn’t have got off to a better start. Mother Nature flicked a switch and turned winter on again freshly coating the surrounding mountains with fresh snow. The crew for Week Two consists of some of the most talented up and coming snowboarders from around the world.

The younger riders were full of energy and enthusiasm when they saw the setup that stood before them, they hit the ground running to get their boards on and get out there. It wasn’t long before these pint-sized rippers were hitting the bag jump and trying new tricks, at least half of them throwing down double attempts on the first day.

Stale Sandbech (NOR), brothers Nils and Hans Mindnich (US) and Kyle Mack (US) were all working on different doubles and even 10 year old Cody Warble (US), the smallest rider by far was throwing 7’s into the bag.

A bunch of Pro’s from the first week stayed on and continue to push the limits in this second week, taking advantage of the unique jumps and training environment. With the amped younger riders and the Pro’s all riding, hanging together and breaking new territory in their snowboarding, it’s obvious to see the progression in the riders continues.

The second day of week 2, crisp and blue, saw the riding hit yet another level. Things got crazy once the helicopter fired up for some amazing follow-cam runs on the step-up jump. The Canadian duo of Seb Touts and Mark McMorris both threw down their first double back rodeo 10’s, McMorris even throwing a double grab in for good measure.

The buzz at Snowpark is electrifying and doesn’t look to calm down any time soon. A new week, a new crew and still there are new tricks being attempted, learned and landed.

Redbull Nz Performance Camp


Red Bull NZ Performance Camp

Red Bull NZ Performance Camp