Protect Our Winters:

When Jeremy speaks, we all need to listen. ~ ~
When Jeremy speaks, we all need to listen. ~ ~

~ 23 Days. 7 Hours. 27 Minutes. 21 Seconds. ~

In a world dominated by the immediate, 23 days is an eternity. In a time when life-changing decisions, chances and experiences come and go by the second, 23 days is borderline infinite. But in an era of incredible change – change whose polarization lies nowhere but in our very own hands – 23 days is something even more: an opportunity.

The final push of the “60 Days To” campaign, launched by Protect Our Winters and its supporters, has arrived – along with a massive opportunity for us all. As I write this essay, we’ve been gifted with 23 full days left to make our own personal difference. It all began last fall, when the House of Respresentatives passed the landmark American Clean Energy and Security Act. An incredible step forward in both Energy and Climate legislation – one thought to be impossible just a few short years ago – this critical bill takes essential steps to providing a much brighter and cleaner future for our environment, human existence and world. The Earth, in many ways, was finally on its road to sustainable victory.

Jeremy and POW, bringing their message home.
Jeremy and POW, bringing their message home.

However, the calm soon ended; the storm was just beginning to build. Since that time and House passage, unbelievable pressure has been put on the US Senate and Senators to either vote against or disallow voting entirely on this historic measure. Without their pens touching the page, we risk losing all the momentum and backing gained throughout these last crucial years of environmental effort. As a native of the great state of New Hampshire, it pains me to see my state not shaded in a proud gray – which would denote both Senators having agreed to pass the bill. Instead, Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH) has chosen to continue denying the incredible damage and negative changes going on before our eyes. Knowing that my home state and elected officials may be to blame for keeping our future locked away is a glaring possibility. I share this with you for a simple reason: before POW, Jeremy Jones and the “60 Days To” mission, I knew nothing of this stressing reality. Having been awoken to what lies very soon in our paths, it’s only right to share it again, with all of you.

California, Oregon, New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Maryland - Thank you.
California, Oregon, New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Maryland - Thank you.

The “60 Days To” project was created in response to this possible and distressing betrayal. It’s time to put the world and law-changing pressure back in our hands; time to make our existence known. Your Senator holds an office – a public office. This office lies at a public address, answered by a public phone. As a member of this Earth, POW’s significant endeavor allows your private voices to join the public discussion, with very little time or effort cost to your already tired day. The excuses for not acting are many and true, and in this constant existence, no one can really be blamed for passing by these oft-cast opportunities to involve. But the time to advance personal denial is at an end. The chances to alter life-changing legislation are few and far between, and we may never be this close to real, meaningful environmental efforts again. 23 days may be a lifetime in our world, but to our beautiful, generous, providing yet fast-aging 4.55 billion-year old Mother, “time” is quickly running short.

Be heard. Just one click sends your Senator the message.
Be heard. Just one click sends your Senator the message.

With this week holding two of the year’s most important environmental holidays (Earth Day and… um… today…?), stake out and do something honest for the Earth that provides so much for us all – make yourself heard, in a very real way. Click HERE, thank you.

** It’s important to note that this is not a political discussion. Nor is this in anyway a political forum. Party, dollar, moral and political bullshit aside, this is nothing but a pure human issue – something to never, ever forget. YOUR world is as stake… this isn’t someone else’s backyard, somewhere foreign that our day-to-day existence can forget about or deny. Take it upon yourself: Join Jeremy, POW,, hundreds and hundreds of snowboard and lifestyle companies, media and professionals, and “Tell Your Senator to Protect Our Winters.”

~ AH


Since launching the “Sixty Days” campaign with the support of Clif Bar almost two months ago, the response has been amazing. Thousands of letters sent to Senators from throughout the Protect Our Winters community, urging them to support strong climate legislation when a bill is presented to the Senate this spring.

For the bill to be successful, bi-partisan support needs to be counted on and currently there are a number of Republican Senators still very much undecided. Some of those key Senators include: Michael Bennett (CO), Scott Brown (MA), Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe (ME), Max Baucus & Jon Tester (MT), Jeff Bingaman (NM) and Judd Gregg (NH). The list includes Senators from a number of mountain states that whose economies will be hit particularly hard by climate change. Check the entire list HERE.

With about a week to go before a climate bill is to be presented to the Senate by Sen. Lieberman, Kerry and Graham, our last chance to reach out to our Senators is quickly approaching. We’ve only heard snippets of the bill’s contents, but it’s imperative that we, as a community raise our voices and urge our Senators to support a new, clean energy economy – start the debate now. The climate isn’t waiting.

Here is a good article on the latest news from the Hill: CLICK HERE.