Nagano (JPN). Also the Halfpipe riders have been lucky with the weather finally when the ninth competition of the 1999/2000 NOKIA Snowboard FIS World Cup was held at Kanbayashi/Nagano today. Sweden’s Thomas Johansson and NOKIA World Team rider Tricia Byrnes from the US claimed the wins on the slope of the 1998 Nagano Olympic Games.

The day at the Kanbayashi Snowboard Park half way in between downtown Nagano and Shigakogen where the Giant Slalom was held yesterday, has been a mixture of bright sunshine and casual snow showers. Most of the training had to be cancelled this week due to bad weather and pipe preparations accordingly.

Thomas Johannson from Sweden had already made it to the finals in the first out of two qualification runs while his teammate Frederik Sterner needed the second to get there. In the finals, Sterner took the lead in the first run with 41.2 points ahead of Johansson but crashed in the second so Johansson had it in his hands to turn the cards and he did. With a score of 42.2 he claimed his third gold this season and by this could also defend the lead in the Halfpipe World Cup standings. “When I went back to the start after the first run,” he said, “I wanted to do a safe run since I knew I could catch up with him with a good run. I tried to so as big as possible but stay stable at the same time and it worked. The pipe was much better today, a good one for everybody riding good.”

Sterner went in second place. “I got into a hole in the second run,” he said, “landed on the edge and bumped down to the bottom. I wanted to improve my score from the first run and finally it was really close between the two of us, but I’m happy for Thomas. Last time I won and he got second so we were just switching places and it stays with the team.”

Sterner also keeps second place in the standings. NOKIA rider Pasi Voho from Finland finished for the third time in a row. “Today it was kind of a surprise for me that I made it so far,” he said, “since I was sick for almost the whole week and doing all those training runs, the qualification and the finals, I was really dieing and I thought that it’s not going to work but I made it and I’m happy. However, I hope I can beat the Swedes sooner or later.”

He stays third in the World Cup also.

US rider Tricia Byrnes dominated the women’s competition and finally won her fourth World Cup this season. “It was hard to hang around for all those days,” she said, “I only flew in on Monday and it was definitely a challenge because we have not been able to practice so you basically just had to put it together. I wasn’t working hard all week trying to get this run down, it was an old one. The pipe was in good shape, it lacked a little bit of transition but it was fun.”

NOKIA rider Sabine Wehr-Hasler from Germany claimed second place. “Especially the second run was one of my best so far this season,” she said, “almost everything was there: height, difficult tricks, it was just fine and I’m happy it worked that way.”

Anna Hellman from Sweden went in third.

With today’s result Wehr-Hasler took the yellow World Cup leader bib from Hellman who is in second now, ahead of Byrnes.

The World Cup heads on to Park City/Utah (USA) now where the next stage will be held on the upcoming weekend featuring Snowboard Cross, Halfpipe and Giant Slalom.

Shigakogen JPN, 27.02.00


from Finals1101309791Johansson, ThomasSWE42.2
2201234228Sterner, FredrikSWE41.2
3341277005Voho, PasiFIN39.5
421408925Saumade, KevinFRA37.6
5111054099Horwitz, ZachUSA36.2
6331101047Watanabe, ShinichiJPN34.9
7231277490Litovaara, AleksiFIN34.0
8361373326Jonsson, MarcusSWE31.5
9171245383Vassoney, SébastienFRA30.9
1081458395Danielsson, TommySWE22.2

after Qualification 2
1151027424Bower, RickyUSA332.7
1231218902Scott, JimiUSA31.9
13291314350Collomb-Patton, JonathanFRA30.9
14161379049Inoue, JunpeiJPN30.8
1561276908Vastamäki, JariFIN30.7
16321548217Fisher, StevenUSA30.6
17301294077Toya, HayatoJPN29.7
1841294174Yamada, KatsuyaJPN26.8
1991255374Miyawaki, KentaroJPN26.1
20311372453Parker, BradCAN25.5
21371529496Murakami, DaisukeJPN24.6
22351424833Shibuya, KenJPN23.0
2326Park, Sung-JinKOR21.2
2411096100Kaji, YasuhiroJPN15.6
25121314447Sterner, MagnusSWE9.1

not in Finals
26271351986Doi, HayatoJPN17.1
27241411350Kim, Sung-BaeKOR15.3
2871541427Bjarnason, BogiISL14.1
29131352083Makino, KoichiJPN13.6
30211379437Howe, GlennNZE12.6
3122Kim, Soo-ChulKOR12.3
32141542591Hartweger, BjörnAUT11.1
33191546277Lee, Jae-WoongKOR9.8

not in Ranking
151433175Bjoerck, AndersSWE
181209202Anderson, Jasey JayCAN
251245480Jamieson, AaronNZE
281231124Rowlands, LeeNZE

Timing by SWATCH

1111257217Byrnes, TriciaUSA39.3
291283407Wehr-Hasler, SabineGER37.8
351193391Hellman, AnnaSWE34.9
481557238Yoshimi, MahoJPN31.6
561361395Daigo, SanaeJPN30.7
6171233452Ootani, MikaJPN29.4

after Qualification 2
711065060Yoshikawa, YuriJPN26.9
8161605835Grönholm, SariFIN26.7
9131222394Otegui, AgurtzaneSPA23.9
1031047309Pescosta, AlessandraITA23.7
11121294368Mori, NagakoJPN23.6
1271192906Leando, MelanieGBR22.3
13141557335Yoshimi, SaeJPN22.0
14191182430McKenna, LesleyGBR21.7
15221244316Yokoyama, ArisaJPN14.7

not in Finals
16101532503Hashimoto, MichiyoJPN19.2
17211261873Farmand, SandraGER18.9
1821625623Paulamäki, MaijaFIN13.5
19201362850Saito, AkaneJPN13.4
20151160896Skrabar, PetraSLO12.7