Photos: Hans Molenkamp

Words: Cody Dresser

A halfpipe in disarray: Soupy in the middle across the flats, walls crumbling, losing shape and form.  At the end of the pipe, just before the tail, the backside wall betrays a steep, kinked section – nightmare for most, but ripe with potential for the Russian born, Swiss rider.

Last run, last hit, last movement for greatness – setting up switch, Iouri launches into his patented YOLO, a trick that ever so narrowly evades him all three runs at X Games. Cab Double Cork 1260 and time slows – Iouri’s all in, full commitment to the grab …

And it’s over – his defining moment on the World Stage complete. Gold. Olympian. A hard earned victory over White – holding off the charge of a Japanese teen prodigy along the way. Jet setting from Russia to lord over his hometown of Zurich Switzerland now. Reveling with friends, talking story on his golden moment for the Swiss media, again and again.

And now at last New York: This city suits him – it’s alive, cosmopolitan, and awash in fashion, and women. Media obligations a day behind him, the good times roll. A relaxed and intimate Victory Party thrown by Mazdack Rassi at The Jam Room at Milk Studios commences with friends and family. Shaun White and Danny Kass in attendance.

Ipod and Monster's Cody Dresser. PHOTO: Hans Molenkamp.

Ipod and Monster’s Cody Dresser. PHOTO: Hans Molenkamp.