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Snowboarding is your life. You eat the shred for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and the occasional “Elevensies”, as those ‘Shire folk would say). Riding is your blood and soul, and you just can’t get enough.

Well, first off, you’re the (wo)man! Hell yeah, homie!
Second? Bud, do we got the hooks for you.

Looking to stay up on everything snowboarding—from videos to photos, contests to trick tips, and enough overall content to make Helen Keller’s eyes bleed—all year-round?


Head over to iTunes and download the TWSnow App!

Delivering news, tricks, updates, films, and all things TransWorld SNOWboarding and right to your fingertips on the daily, keeping you stoked and ready to ride, every day of the year.

The best part? It’s only 99 cents! No brainer.
**Note: Unless, of course, you don’t have a brain. In general, this would make it considerably difficult to operate an iPhone/iPod in the first place. On the flip side, your chances of developing brain illness from overexposure to cell phone radiation would be remarkably low.**


Topping it all off? The landmark TWSnow iPad App. Just $2.99 an issue, and guaranteed to make any passenger next to you in the plane/bus/carpool/cop car backseat drool with snowboard envy (or drunk tank gank).



Before closing this article off … well, you just gotta check this sh-t out. While looking up “Snowboard” in iTunes to research new shred Apps, I came across an absolute genius iPhone game, titled “Go, Diego! Go!” Apparently, your job is to save your loyal tribe penguins by running them over (?), while avoiding obstacles such as polar bears, walruses, and other common snowboarding hazards. Pretttty epic.

Why am I sharing this? Besides it being certifiably awesome (and marginally racist)? Well, I somehow figured out how to embed the actual game itself into our site.

Enjoy tracking what we all hope is the best season of your life! Check the sites, download the Apps, and share the living heck outta your treks.

… Oh, and have fun saving the penguins, my fellow Diegans. ~A.H.