Fresh. Tracks.



Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride …

Shred-ometer. Vail Resorts Inc. debuted EpicMix this season, their on-hill geo-tracking and sharing system for every slash, hike, ride, and exploratory mission out on the slopes. Radio (RFID) chips are planted into all season passes and PEAKS tickets at Vail, Beaver Creek, Keystone, Breckenridge, and Heavenly, communicating with computers (we don’t what kind or where. We assume Big Brother is involved …) to track your vertical, laps, days, and much more. The EpicMix info then transfers to your online social page, where you can win badges for completing goals (five rides on the T-Bar wins you the “Mr. T” badge), track your progress, and size up with all the other shred-hounds in Vail-land.

No assembly required—all you have to do is shred, and the chips will take care of the rest.

**Extra Shred-it: Many resorts, clubs, bars, and shops offer loyalty programs for their best patrons. More than just a couple bucks off your burger because you once knocked boots with the waiter/waitress, huge discounts can be gained simply by “checking in”. Hit up for more.**


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