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POV Me, Baby

Find Your Way Back Into The Storm

Everyone and their mom has a POV cam these days. Love ’em (epic snow day) or hate ’em (forced to watch your buddy’s epic snow day), their uses are a-plenty, with personal (uploading pow footy), professional (filming HD video projects), and even, well, private (um … never mind …) applications proving them to be both impressive and versatile shred capture tools.

But wait. Can your “must-share mini-cam” shoot pro-level HD—while simultaneously keeping logs on your elevation, location, riding speed, etc—and then continue to seamlessly share your badass straightline (/ragdoll) adventures with the world? Not ’til you pick up one of these little black beauties, Betty.

The Contour HD GPS documents your travels while you shred, with exclusive software to edit and boast with once the day is done.

If the YES team backs it, it must be the goods. Romain De Marchi and DCP find their way through the pow, going full frontal POV with Contour.

*** Added Bonus! Contour just unveiled their new iPhone connection, offering a live viewfinder to all your first-person snow-ventures. Check the press release for the full story, available HERE. ***



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