Fresh. Tracks.

Snoop probably doesn't remember this Halloween. With our help, you could have.  Or maybe not, now that we think of it ...
Snoop probably doesn't remember this Halloween. With our help, he could have. Maybe not, now that we think of it ...

Fresh. Tracks.

Document Your Dirty Winter Deeds

In the snow life, you’re judged by a few unique factors. Along with the ability to wear the same disgusting long underwear for three weeks at a time, is the gratuitous oozing of last season’s exploits into every possible conversation. Some do it in the classiest of manners: “Oh, The Capitol Cliffs? Great for you—congratulations! You know, I remember the first time that my 10-year old niece and I hucked doubles off of that … Four years ago, if I’m not mistaken? But that’s neither here nor there—nice work!”

And, well, some do not: “Wut, you only bagged 63 days last season? Ha-ha! Yo, boys! Get ovah heah and take a load of dis goon! Damn, bro—I had 107 dayses by freakin’ March—with a broken arm!!” (“…Jabroni!”)

Thankfully, it’s high time for the Boasting Bro days to come to an end. With all the new geo-technology and snowboard integration available in phones, MP3 players, season passes, and POV cams this season, we can all finally track and prove our winter epics in style.

Here we go: five pages of prime digital goods that you just can’t live (a.k.a. claim) without.

… Twitter feeds, optional.



100 Days Of Winter

All About The Benjamins

Kicking things off is a strong candidate for snowboard App of the year. The Rome Snowboards 100 Day Tracker counts your days on the hill, publishes your photos, and adds in all kinds of mad extras (including weather, crew, tricks, runs, snowfall, etc) about your season for the ultimate winter yearbook—all from your iPhone or iPod Touch. What’s more, you can watch ShredTV videos, check out local shops, and when the logging is done and the touch screen glosses over like a Jersey Shore nightclub on industry night, you can torture your 8 a.m.-class-having-friends by publicly sharing all the juicy details right on

The 100 Day Tracker is easy to use, fun to play around with, and doesn’t require cell service or Wi-Fi to get ‘er done.

Oh, and it’s 100% free. Holler.

**Special Blogging Tip: The “share” is just as important as the capture. Buddy passed on an epic session? @JohnSmith that dude ’til he cries.**


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