Click the pic or follow the step below for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to win a set of new Flux bindings

Flux Halloween Contest

For Facebook:

Step 1: Upload the first image attached to this email (rectangle)

Step 2: Write a text

Step 3: Tag “Flux Bindings” in the post (make sure you “like” the FB page first so you can tag it)

Step 4: Include the mobile URL in the text:

Step 5: “Star” the post so the full image is visible on your wall (optional)

(*Please don’t share the post from the Flux Facebook page. Rather upload the image yourself and add hyperlink)


For Instagram:

Step 1: Upload the Instagram (square) image attached in this email.

Step 2: Write any text and tag @fluxbindings hashtag #giveaway and #ifluxwithit

Step 3: In the text tell people to go to (leave out http or www)


For Twitter:

Step 1: Upload the Instagram (square) image

Step 2: Write the text and tag @fluxbindings and use hashtag #giveaway and #ifluxwithit

Step 3: Make sure to include the mobile URL in the text: