Park City/Utah (USA). The conditions for today’s Halfpipe as part of the 1999/2000 NOKIA Snowboard FIS World Cup have been as perfect as yesterday with sunny blue skies all day long. US riders Tommy Czeschin and Tricia Byrnes won the season’s tenth contest at the Park City Mountain Resort

Since the Olympic Halfpipe is not yet in place, today’s event was held on “Payday” where last year’s competition had been.

Taking four out of six medals in both the men’s and the women’s race the US riders were dominating. Tommy Czeschin secured his final score with his first run and claimed his second World Cup win this season. “I’m stoked,” he said, “I just got my first run down solid, I wanted to land smooth and clean, just do a couple of spins and a flip for I could go all out in my second. The pipe was really good, a little small but it turned out to be a really good one.”

Last year’s Halfpipe World Cup champion Ross Powers, who registered for a race on the tour for the first time today, went in second place. “I stayed in the States a lot,” he said, “did a couple of competitions here like X Games and Goodwill Games but it was fun to rider with the guys which I haven’t seen for a while. Tommy and I have been close all year and it’s good to seem him up there, he definitely deserves it. The snow conditions of the pipe were really good, the pipe was even and smooth so you didn’t have to think about where to do a trick, all the wall was pretty even ¿ that was really good ¿ it would just be nice to have it bigger, like those Superpipes and then it would be awesome.”

Magnus Sterner took third place and got the Swedes a little balance for really bad luck today: Magnus’ cousin Fredrik Sterner hurt his wrist in the training before the qualification while Tommy Johansson crashed right before the finals and both will not be able to finish the season. That is too bad since Johansson still keeps the lead in the standings ahead of Fredrik Sterner and Pasi Voho from Finland who has gone back to Europe after Nagano and will be back for the last two stages in Italy.

Tricia Byrnes and Kim Stacey made it a US double in the women’s competition as well. “It was awesome to be here and kind of know what’s gonna happen in 2002,” Byrnes said who claimed her fifth win this season, “I think the level of riding really came up a lot here. The pipe was great although we were kind of looking for a Superpipe but it was fun riding, sunshine, a lot of people, it could not have been any better.”

Stacey, taking second place, added: “Everybody was riding well, especially the Americans, this was good to see. The pipe was in good shape, a little small since we’ve been riding a lot Superpipes this year and I hope we will have that here next year as well.”

Sabine Wehr-Hasler from Germany finished third and kept the World Cup lead ahead of Byrnes and Sweden’s Anna Hellman, who finished seventh today.

Superpipes have been a big issue, especially brought up by the North American riders and since the Halfpipe for 2002 has not been built yet they are looking for a chance to have a super pipe for the Olympics. “At least 80 percent of the riders on the World Cup tour have never ridden in a Superpipe,” Ted Martin said, Chief race director of the FIS Snowboard World Cup “So it’s hard to comment on that. One thing that we would want to see prior to a decision regarding the Olympics is that over half of our World Cup Halfpipes should be Superpipes built by Superpipe Dragons. Having two or three Superpipes a year does not necessarily mean that we should have a Superpipe at the Olympics. One problem is that the Superpipe Draggon is really expensive and I don’t know even how many they are able to make plus the resorts have also bought their grooming machines. I don’t know if a lot of them will buy a new one and spend the money to built a pipe with this amount of snow that we need. We will work on the whole thing over the summer, go to some resorts to work with the Superpipe Draggon and check what the situation is.”

The Giant Slalom riders will conclude the Countdown to Gold tomorrow on “CB’s run” where the Alpine Giant Slalom and the Snowboard Parallel Giant Slalom will be held during the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Winter Games.Men
1Czeschin, TommyUSA45.31000
2Powers, RossUSA43.6800
3Sterner, MagnusSWE41.6600
4Bower, RickyUSA40.1500
5Morisset, GuillaumeCAN39.7450
6Horwitz, ZachUSA37.6400
7Wescott, SethUSA37.4360
8Jonsson, MarcusSWE34.4320
9Saumade, KevinFRA33.7290

after Qualification 2
11Kingwill, RobUSA36.9240
12Perreault, CharlesCAN36.0220
13Nelson, ChristopherUSA35.7200
14Anderson, Jasey JayCAN34.4180
15Vastamäki, JariFIN34.2160
16Fernandez, DanielSPA32.0150
17Scott, JimiUSA31.2140
18Watanabe, ShinichiJPN29.6130
19Howe, GlennNZE29.3120
20Lopez, DavidSPA29.2110
21Wainwright, BenCAN25.6100
22Hall, CooperUSA24.490
23Danielsson, TommySWE22.480
24Rice, TravisUSA22.070
25Parker, BradCAN21.760

not in Finals
2631068067Petraska, AdamUSA18.250
2771507865Imboden, YannSUI17.545
28231277490Litovaara, AleksiFIN17.140
29221538905Pinto, RaulUSA16.936
30311347815Baher, FranzCHI16.332
31441296211Mongelos, PedroSPA16.128
3241Hicks, AndyUSA15.326
33241039743Mclain, TravisUSA13.924
34211447434Mosiman, ChristianUSA13.122
35111447143Smith, Jason R.USA10.620
36431559566O’Connor, MatthewUSA9.418
37341342674Parker, FelipeCHI7.816

not in Ranking
11496710Smith, AustinUSA
21245383Vassoney, SébastienFRA
141314350Collomb-Patton, JonathanFRA
151068649Giblin, GarretUSA
251234228Sterner, FredrikSWE
261141205Warren, EricUSA
36Reilly, MarkUSA

1 Byrnes, TriciaUSA37.81000
2Stacey, KimUSA37.5800
3Wehr-Hasler, SabineGER35.1600
4Hashimoto, MichiyoJPN34.4500
5Yoshikawa, YuriJPN31.7450
6Bleiler, GretchenUSA28.8400

after Qualification 2
7Hellman, AnnaSWE32.9360
8Warner, Paige KUSA29.6320
9Johnson, AmyUSA27.8290
10McKenna, LesleyGBR27.2260
11Vallee, DominiqueCAN26.8240
12Leando, MelanieGBR26.7220
13Berger, BiancaUSA23.6200
14Rose, AutumnUSA21.7180
15Skehan, GriseldaUSA17.6160

not in Finals
16Burke, StaceyCAN27.9150
17Pescosta, AlessandraITA26.6140
18Otegui, AgurtzaneSPA25.1130
19Sundberg, JamieUSA23.6120
20Manfredi, JanaUSA22.8110
21Parker, SuzyNZE22.5100
22Fletcher, Kate MUSA22.190
23Rodger, RobertaCAN16.580
24Kunkel, CarolynUSA15.870
25Marshall, TiffanyUSA15.160
26Ekker, PattiUSA13.150
27Martinez, LauraUSA10.045

not in Ranking
Dunn, KimCAN
Nelson, RachelUSA
Whalen, LindseyUSA
Fletcher, Beth AUSA
Glazier, LoriCAN