Cypress Olympic Pipe Update (2/8)

The Cypress Olympic snowboard pipe.
The Cypress Olympic snowboard pipe.

She’s coming along. The Olympic pipe at Cypress is, “shaping up and nearly finished,” according to the most recent post on the blog. But the ten day forecast is for wet weather to continue and lows aren’t expected to hit freezing, which led to a decision over the weekend by the Winter Olympic committee to limit halfpipe training from five to three days. Not a huge deal considering riders only get about two days of riding to get ready for the Grand Prix and Open series. (BTW, The US team has been training at Aspen since the X Games.)

There was also talk about using snow hardeners on the pipe closer to the time of competition—the most common chemicals used are sodium chloride, calcium chloride, urea, ammonium nitrate, and potassium nitrate. It may sound wild, but using hardeners is pretty common—the parks and pipes at Hood in the summer are all maintained daily using salt a.k.a. sodium chloride. But, with the truck and helicopter delivered snow and now a layer of hardeners over the top, it looks this pipe is going to have a carbon footprint as big as it is.