LOVELAND PASS, CO- APRIL 21, 2013: Scott Toepfer, right, a member of the Colorado Avalanche Information Center or CAIC, takes depth measurements every 50 feet at the crown of the avalanche on April 21, 2013. In the back round are Brian Lazar and John Snook, who walk along the crown to find an area to dig a snow pit to investigate the layers of snow where the avalanche broke off. The avalanche occurred in an area known as Sheep Creek near Loveland Pass on Saturday, April 20, 2013. The deadly avalanche killed 5 snowboarders. The trio are doing what is called a fracture line profile of the crown of the avalanche, or where the hard slab avalanche broke off. They are looking for weak layers in the snow pack to help discover what contributed to the avalanche. The avalanche was on the western flank of Mount Sniktau and happened around 2:00 pm on Saturday. (Photo By Helen H. Richardson/ The Denver Post)