Berchtesgaden (GER). Fortunately the snow falls had stopped but sun was again missing at the “Götschen” where the Halfpipe event as part of the 2000 FIS Snowboard Junior World Championships was held today. Sweden’s Anton Bergsten and US rider Kelly Clark won the gold medals in an exciting final.

It has been a long day with the qualifications starting at 9:00 am and the finals only being concluded by 4:00 pm. After all the snow falls yesterday it has become a lot warmer today with plus five degrees centigrate and the pipe needed a lot of side slipping. However, the riders liked it and made the competition also a nice show at a good level for those who lined up at the pipe all day long. Anton Bergsten from Sweden had been third after the first final run but put all into his second and finally claimed the gold with a total of 45.5 and the highest scores of the day except for the standard airs. “This is unbelievable,” the 19-year-old from Diknaes said, “I did not expect this at all. I was really happy when I made it to the finals today and then I said to myself to just go for it, what I did. The pipe was difficult to ride but I think a good boarder should be able to do any pipe, that’s how it should be. The people who do so are the ones I’m looking up to…” His teammate Marcus Jonsson has been leading after the first but finally missed the win by 0.6 points and seemed to be a bit disappointed: “I’m ok with it but I wanted to win,” he said, “this is my last year with the juniors and therefore I really wanted the gold today. I thought I would take it but then I got to a bad part of the pipe and had to let it happen. It’s good though that a friend took it instead.” Toni-Markus Turunen from Finland finished third.

US rider Kelly Clark won the womens’ competition. “I’m completely overwhelmed,” the 16-year-old from Mount Snow, Vermont, said, “It was pretty fun riding today, just a little bit chucky but they kept it together very well so it was fun. I’m now very much looking forward to ride at the Park City World Cup in three weeks time and apart from that I’m hoping for the Olympics which are still quite far but I can think about it… I still got many more years as a junior and I hope to get it again next year.” Anna Olofsson from Sweden who already had some good results in the World Cup this season, claimed the silver medal and pretty much enjoyed it: “I’m really happy with that,” she said, “and I think this result is very worth since there have been a lot of good riders at the start today, so many youngsters are coming up who are not competing in the World Cup events that often. I’d say it was almost even better level at some points than on the tour…” Canada’s Kim Dunn finished third.

The 2000 FIS Snowboard Junior Worlds will be concluded with the Parallel Slalom tomorrow.

120Clark, KellyUSA43.0
2261459365Olofsson, AnnaSWE36.4
3331207553Dunn, KimCAN32.5
413Marbach, MirjamSUI31.8
531282340Arpiainen, NitaFIN31.5
641321140Berger, BiancaUSA29.2

after Qualification 2
7121444039Nelson, RachelUSA26.6
8111609715Rauhamäki, TiiaFIN26.3
9141430168Ligocka, PaulinaPOL24.6
1027Lemarechal, FloreFRA23.6
11291557335Yoshimi, SaeJPN23.2
1218Lähtönen, AnuFIN21.2
13301457619Alzina, CecileFRA16.9
1451310858Hesso, JohannaFIN16.2
1561496904Graeff, CarolineFRA16.1

not in Finals
16231366730Roy, ManonCAN26.9
1791557238Yoshimi, MahoJPN26.8
18171526101Nicoll, MercedesCAN25.7
19361605835Grönholm, SariFIN24.6
207Nadig, HeleneSUI24.0
21311430071Lewieniec, KatarzynaPOL22.9
2238Reinhard, CarlaSUI22.8
2316Rimali, EssiFIN22.6
2419Koellbom, JennySWE22.5
25371466640McAlpine, LindsayCAN22.4
2635Demard, JenniferFRA21.7
272Laurent, ChloéFRA21.5
2288Sairanen, LeenaFIN20.61829241217641Mikolajczyk, KlaudynaPOL20.5
3039Andrieux, MarieFRA18.9
31281195137Dutton, CharlotteGBR18.7
3215Mittermüller, SilviaGER15.2
33101642210Mliadenovic, SanjaCRO12.4
3425Plavec, IvanaCRO6.8
351Ghdina, MariapiaITA6.7
3634Costan, SaraITA1.7

from Finals
1791340540Bergsten, AntonSWE45.4
2281373326Jonsson, MarcusSWE44.8
351Turunen, Toni-MarkusFIN41.9
4571508738Picot, TristantFRA36.41
5541441905Karlsson, StefanSWE35.8
6671458395Danielsson, TommySWE35.7
78Heiskanen, JanneFIN35.5
8301211821Guinn, JonasCAN34.1
9411529496Murakami, DaisukeJPN33.71
1047Nakai, TakaharuJPN30.0

after Qualification 2
11611069910Clancy, Kyle FlorigUSA33.0
12361635129Holleis, PhilippAUT32.5
1313Lönnqvist, JohnSWE32.2
1433Mattila, RistoFIN31.1
15701500008Jacques, FlorianFRA31.0
16261458589Sandberg, MartinSWE30.7
17201499911Le Faucheur, MorganFRA29.4
18641555589Schmidt, ChristopheGER28.6
19241292234Hagström, JonasSWE27.2
20401523870Mosesson, HampusSWE26.9
2121Hast, MikkaFIN26.8
22491542591Hartweger, BjörnAUT25.1
23651372453Parker, BradCAN22.0
24621500202Colin, FabriceFRA16.0
25731408925Saumade, KevinFRA13.9

not in Finals
2639Heiskari, LauriFIN27.5
2766Bäckström, IikkaFIN27.5
281Keinänen, JanneFIN27.51
2922Tuoriniemi, JariFIN27.4
3080Rice, TravisUSA27.4
31441427743Ligocki, MateuszPOL26.8
32691372356Labrecque, Pierre-LucCAN26.7
3346Bodon, PhilippeFRA26.0
3451475758Fletcher, JohnAUS26.0
35161436667Gendle, AdamGBR25.9
3643Iglesias, JonathanSPA25.9
37481497971Le Guennec, BriceFRA25.5
3850Späni, RenatoSUI25.2
39251449762Zartarian, SamuelFRA23.5
4059Kaattari, TuomasFIN23.2
41371578190Demaillard, JérémyFRA23.1
4229Kinnunen, JariFIN22.8
43631507962Dudas, PaulFRA21.7
44141351986Doi, HayatoJPN21.2
45271141205Warren, EricUSA21.1
46341508350Front, EymericFRA20.2
4761392047Roth, JonCAN20.1
48151115209Troger, PhilippAUT18.8
49321634935Hochwimmer, AndreasAUT18.8
5074Villa, FrancescoITA18.7
5171305329Gonzalez, AntonioSPA18.6
52521586144Paganini, MatteoITA18.1
53721556656Murakami, FumiyukiJPN17.9
5441576444Suppo, RiccardoITA16.4
55761217835Kaim, AndrzejPOL15.6
5619Markthaler, PhilippGER14.8
5731218417Jekot, GrzegorzPOL14.4
5810Percival, ChristianAUT13.2
59581342674Parker, FelipeCHI12.5
60561508544Jean, BenjaminFRA12.4
6131Simunek, TomasCZE12.2
6245Rocca, DomenicoITA11.0
6368Einsiedel, OrlandoGBR10.1
64781568490Gallimore, BudGBR9.2
6512Tarvainen, JussiFIN8.0
669Sasiadek, TomaszPOL8.0
67751575959Ferro, MassimoITA7.8
68551642501Fleiss, SebastianCRO6.8
692Chiesa, ChristianITA6.7
7018Semino, LorenzoITA5.7
71111534540Patterson, KeithGBR4.1
7235Pompanini, MatteoITA4.1
7371Tarditi, MichelangeloITA3.4
7460Liptay, DavidHUN2.0
7553Greco, RobertoITA1.9
76231449471Holy, LukaszPOL1.8

not in Ranking
171312313Cambiolo, LukeITA
381215022Scott, MikeCAN
771296502Sarmiento, JavierSPA
42Peresciutti, TomazSLO

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