Ambiguous—One Weekend Three Parties


Ambiguous Clothing and DJ Haul and Mason teamed up this past weekend for 3 parties in California.  The first of three begin Friday April 21st, at Club Six, located in the cut of San Francisco and included talent from King Britt, DJ Haul and Mason, 45 King, and DJ Murro from Japan.  It was a night of mischief and business that included Ambiguous friends from SFO, FTC, K Star, and Villians drinking all the ambiguous kool aid they could consume in a single night. 


Round two involved a plane ride back to beautiful Los Angeles, into the City of Santa Monica at Club Quality at Zanzibar. Saturday, April 22nd. The dance floor was jam packed and the crowd looked like they belonged in the classic 80s movie, Beat Street, as Ambiguous Captain Jon Francis and Sergeant Jason Bergman hung behind the decks while DJ Haul and Mason and DJ Murro (JB’s hero for the $3000 he spent on his Camouflage outfit he wore from Supreme) made history in Santa Monica – turning Zanzibar into the sweatiest club night the town has seen in years, with the longest line to get in. 


Round 3 ended with a journey up to Hollywood at Club King King, located on Hollywood Blvd. DJ Murro brought out more Japanese friends than the King Kong movie, and DJ Haul and Mason did not disappoint.  The dance floor was just as packed as the other nights, and Ambiguous friends from 118 walked 2 blocks from their store to enjoy the festivities.