32 Day at Brighton – The Battle of 11 Turns

March 2nd, 2011 dawned and 32 Day was back with a vengeance. Not content with a Banked Slalom course that everyone could finish, the Brighton Terrain Park built a hell track with one purpose in mind: weed out the unworthy from the field of 130 willing souls. Turn five was a doozy and there were more than a few close calls with staff and photographers dotting the course. No serous injuries were reported although several racers found themselves prematurely leaving the course in an airborne fashion.

As the race came to a close the rail jam started up with three features for riders to fight for the claim to the 32 Day overall titles, $320 cash, a board and boots. With more front flips than you could shake a stick at one thing was quickly obvious: swivels are finally dead. With the beer flowing all day, heckles from the surrounding crowd got harsher as did the bails. After nearly an hour of battle, bodies dotted the landings and a field of five men and four women were left to prove their worth.

In the end Noah Lohr and Wiki Jones emerged victorious having shown nerves of steel and equal grace on two treacherous courses that took no prisoners.

It was a long day, filled with sunshine, sunburns, flying snow, flat light, black eyes, beers, banked turns, backlips and only three intentional swivels. To say the least, 32 Day kicked ass, again, as it always does.


Women’s Race

1. Wiki Jones                 37.13
2. Marlene Mercado      37.50
3. Samantha Kolesky   37.88
4. Lejawn Allen             38.60
5. Madison Blackley     39.50
6. Meghan Dorsey        39.81
7. Alexa McCarthy       41.53
8. Rose Struble           42.75
9. Katie Panzer            43.00
10. Fawnda Whitlock  44.25

Men’s Race

1.  Kyle Cartwright          32.44
2.  Stefan Salisberg        32.50
3.  Brad Jameson            32.87
4.  Reid Persing               33.03
5.  Noah Lohr                  33.16
6.  Everest Arnold           33.25
7.  Chris Larson             33.31
8.  Matt Moriarty             33.60
9.  Walter Bombeck       33.62
10. Jeff McGrath             33.63
11. Scotty Stevens          33.69
12. Ben Mouser               33.78
13. Parker Worthen          33.82
14. Austin John                 33.88

Women’s Rail Jam

1.  Madison Blackley
2.  Wiki Jones
3.  Samantha Kolesky

Men’s Rail Jam

1. Chris Cloud
2. Chris Larson
3. Noah Lohr
4. Everest Arnold
5. Parker Worthen

Women’s Overall Winner:

Wiki Jones

$320 cash, ThirtyTwo Snowboard, ThirtyTwo Boots, etnies Shoes

Men’s Overall Winner:

Noah Lohr

$320 cash, ThirtyTwo Snowboard, ThirtyTwo Boots, etnies Shoes

Special Award:

$32 for 32nd place: Cameron Gorby

Grom Slayer:

Jonas Harris