30 Days Of Giveaways: Forest Bailey’s 686, adidas, Dragon And Gnu Kit

Forest Bailey’s 686, adidas, Dragon, and Gnu Kit

Forest Bailey is a radical human and one hell of a snowboarder. He’s influenced some cool product and part of this week’s Nation movie launch, we’re giving away all of it. You can catch him in this 686 Reserved jacket and pants and insulated mitts tearing up his Gnu Space Case snowboard, all of which is up for grabs. Dragon is also tossing in their spacey cylindrical NFX goggles and adidas is kicking down a pair of Samba snowboard boots.





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About 30 Days Of Giveaways 2013

Earning a new setup used to equate to hundreds of lawns mowed, tables served, nails pounded, and burgers flipped. But now, you can come up on a fresh setup with only a few clicks of the screen, if you’re lucky. Follow our 30 Days of Giveaways during the month of September for your shot at winning boards, goggles, outerwear or even a multi-day shred vacation. Follow our fan page at Facebook.com/twsnow every day for a new package and how to enter.



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