2011 TransWorld TransAM: Park City, Utah

Palm trees and front threes ... Only at the TransAm. PHOTO: Russell Kaczmar

Soaking in a sunny afternoon in Utah, the 2011 TransWorld TransAM touched down at a little place called Park City, where palm trees, umbrellas, beach balls, and snow sculptures galore took center stage. Peep the snaps by Russell Kaczmar, with the video to follow shortly.


Words: Jason “Hondo” Newman

The sun was beginning to set on February 12, 2011 as 98 hungry competitors gathered at the top of the Trans-Am course at Park City Mountain Resort.  This was a course unlike anyone in attendance had ever seen.  Jeremy Cooper and the rest of the Park City park staff had created a monstrosity of a TransAm Course.

The course layout went a little something like this.  It all started with the Vitamin Water Stur-D drop-in zone where competitors could slam down a refreshing beverage before strapping in and annihilating the features. At the top you had three choices, you could hit the awesome Giro ledge which had a corrugated section or an angled section or you could hit the Anon feature.  Now the Anon feature was no joke.  This feature was a huge corrugated dumpster followed by a down ledge.  Riders had to be fearless to hit this thing, it sent shivers down my spine just watching them ride it.  People were nose-pressing, board-sliding, and 50-50ing this thing every which way.  It was insane.  If neither of those features tickled the riders fancy at the moment, they also had the option of hitting the Zumiez “living room set” feature.  This feature was an up rail over an entire living room.  How many times can you say that you hit a rail and jumped over a couch and a TV set?  Yeah, I didn’t think too many.

If you were able to survive the top of the course then you had much more excitement and adventure ahead of you.  The two options here were the High Cascade Snowboard Camp “Snow bus”, or the Ride Snowboards “Wish you Were Here” feature.  The High Cascade “snow bus” was a cheese wedge plastic box onto a giant bus made of snow with a drop off jump.  This was not just an ordinary dinky bus made out of snow though, not at all.  This bus had a full on exhaust, license plates, and it was yellow; very true to form.  Riders were going bananas off of this thing.  The Ride Snowboards “Wish you Were Here” obstacle was of equal spectacle.  It looked like it was straight out of a Maui postcard.  It was a gap jump over some lawn chairs, palm trees, and at one point there were even babes laying around.  It was as if the beach was able to be brought right into the great American West. Riders were spinning wild in every direction, trying to become the ultimate Trans-Am champion.

But these two features were not the end of the course, far from it.  At the very end of this amazing course laid the Coal headwear “snow beanie”.  This giant beanie was truly amazing.  It was not just a beanie, but in fact it was a full face complete with a nose, and eyes.  It actually kind of looked like High Cascade founder John Ingersoll.  It was pretty unreal, a true work of craftsmanship.  People were doing every type of stall and plant imaginable, the beanie really did get a hurt put on it.

The contest began with 98 registered competitors.  Straight from the beginning the riding was off to an insane start.  With in the first 15 minutes Christian Hobush had already board-slid, nose-pressed, and front board-slid the Anon feature.  Other riders like Ozzy Henning, and Shelby Layman took to the Zumiez couch feature as well as the Ride feature.  Also can’t forget to mention Red Girard who was completely annihilating everything in his path; pretty impressive riding from such a tiny human.  He took top grom and received a High Cascade backpack with some goggles from Anon, and hoodie from Giro, and some Coal beanies.

But at the end of the day it was down to three guys, and three girls, as well as a top grom, and best trick. The results were announced with a really fun pizza party.

For the ladies it was Wiki Jones taking third place and received a High Cascade Snowboard Camp backpack filled with Anon goggles, a Giro hoodie, and some Coal beanies.  All of the top three received these back packs.  But Wiki also received for her valiant effort a Justien Bieber calendar.  She’s stoked.  Second place for the ladies was Tanya Schmid.  She got one of those goodie filled back packs, and an awesome fury bracelet making machine from High Cascade.  Zumiez also gave both of these ladies gift cards, as well as the chance to ride at the Trans-Am finals, if they can make it out there.  The top lady of the day however was Shelby Layman.  For her fearlessness and amazing facial expressions she was rewarded with a Ride snowboard, a High Cascade backpack with all the goodies mentioned before, and a Zumiez gift card.  But oh that’s not all; she got much, much more.  Shelby also got a flight to Big Bear, California to ride in the finals for the Trans-Am from Zumiez, as well as a giant fake lipstick filled with girly things from High Cascade.

For guys it was Jordan Murse taking third and for his efforts received a goody filled High Cascade backpack. He also received a Zumiez gift card, and a Pirate set featuring an eye patch and a sword from High Cascade.  Ozzy Henning took Second place and he received a High Cascade back pack full of goodies from Anon, Coal, and Giro, a Zumiez gift card, and a bow and arrow set from High Cascade.   Both second and third place also get entry fee into the Trans-Am finals, if they can make it to Big Bear.   But in the end there could only be one winner, and that winner was Christain Hobush.  For his crazy maneuvers on all of the features he was rewarded with a Ride snowboard, a High Cascade back pack with Anon goggles, Giro hoodies, and Coal beanies.  But that’s not all.  Courtesy of Zumiez, Christian also received a gift card and a flight to the Trans-Am finals at Big Bear, in California.  All of the riders in the final event at Big Bear also have the chance to win an all inclusive trip to the Ride Shakedown, at Summit at Snoqualmie, in Washington.

It truly was a magical event, and it for sure would not have been possible with out Jeremy Cooper and his amazing and dedicated park staff.  This was not the first Trans-Am to grace Park City, but it for sure was the best.  The next stop on the tour is at Northstar-At-Tahoe.  They won the best course competition last year, but after viewing the truly awesome course that Park City made for this event, it is safe to say that they have their work cut out for them.  But don’t forget about Big Bear, they are always known to be the favorites when it comes to building Trans-Am courses.  I know I for one am excited to see what the courses will look like for the next two contests.  But can Park City be topped. Only time will tell…



1. Christian Hobush
2. Ozzie Henning
3. Jordan Murse

1. Shelby Layman
2.Tanya Schmid
3. Wicki Jones