2011 TransWorld TransAM: Big Boulder, PA Video/Recap

Video by: Justin Gunson
Photos: Russell Kaczmar
Words by: Sandra Hillen

The feeling of anticipation and excitement was thick in the air right before this explosive contest was about to begin.   It was like being at a rock show and impatiently waiting hear the first riff blast out of that fender amp.  Just at that moment when you can’t take it anymore,  the divine madness begins.

Big Boulder, PA hosted the second stop of the Transworld Snowboarding TransAM, and Ian Oliver and his park crew set the stage with an impressive creative setup.  They’re exceptional crew did not hold back when building these unconventional features.  This progressive contest challenges the competitors to step out of their comfort zone and hit original set-ups that they don’t encounter in a traditional snowboard park.  In this contest, skill and inventiveness really takes center stage.

vitamin water stands tall at the top of the course, providing riders with a nice chilled refreshing hydrator.  As the competitors heat up hiking up to the top, they can grab a delicious vitamin water to cool them back down and to replenish their body.  Down the right side, the smooth Anon Goggle box was right in the heat of the action.   Set-up street style and as a down box, tech tricks were being thrown down constantly.  The Coal Headwear snow beanie was next in the line up, and was surrounded by three different take offs.  Riders could hit it in any direction!  At the top of the beanie replica, there was a barrel bonk with the option to be tapped. Athletes could also transfer from the jump on to the side of the beanie and then spin off into the landing.  It was the kind of feature where you had to see to believe.  Straight down the middle was the Zumiez big orange couch, which was transformed into a couch snow take-off.  There was literally snow inside the couch as it was the frame of the jump, with the big orange arms protruding on the sides of the lip.  So after riding off of that, it was followed by a perfectly set up buttery flat box.  This couch has to be the most versatile couch in history!  The High Cascade Snowboard Camp snow bus blew up the scene with its innovative design and popularity.  Following the take off, riders would have to bust through actual fog shooting out the exhaust pipe replica, to get to the top of the bus and drop off the other side.  The left side of the bus was set up like a wall ride over a stop sign; on the opposing right side there was a round tube with transition on the side.  With so many ways to approach the bus, every trick imaginable went down.  Down the left, Giro had a pole jam to disco box feature.  Blasting off the pole jam and clearing the box was one way to go, or launching from the pole to getting buttery on box was another popular way to hit it.  Last but not least, Ride Snowboards  “Wish you were here” postcard beach scene sent riders sky high.  The landing looked almost like a wave, clearing it to the backside was an option or hitting it at an angle to catch the side of the wave.  Either way, while in the air, the photos that were taken could have been mistaken for postcards.

The level of riding was as exciting as a face melting guitar solo! The finals were the encore of the show.  Riders were fearless when it came down to the end.  The awards ceremony included delicious steaming pizza and tons of amazing products.  Coal custom beanies and Drop gloves were spreading around like wild fire and Giro hats, hoodies and helmets were coming in hot as well.  Anon was giving out trendy new goggles, and Vitamin water was complimenting the pizza perfectly.  High Cascade Snowboard Camp gave the top three stellar riders signature backpacks along with some funny prizes.   Ride Snowboards gave out full outerwear and boards to the winners and Zumiez threw in gift cards to the top 3.  Zumiez also provided flight vouchers for the winners to go out to Big Bear for Finals in March!  For the ladies, Jenny Oleskowicz snagged the win with her consistency and smooth style.  As for the boys, Dom Luza took first and dominated once again after being last years overall TransAm 2010 winner.   This contest was filled with insane shenanigans and the crowd walked away smiling.  The show must go on, so we will see you next at the Ostego Club in Gaylord MI.

1- Jenny Oleskowicz
2- Zoe Mayers
3- Luci Imbach

Best Crash- Tara Eminson

1- Dom Luza
2- Billy Keil
3- Kevin Breen

TransAm Sender- Mike Cappi