2011 Newport Beach Film Festival | Action Sports Film Series

Surfing The Silver Dragon (2010, 22 minutes, U.S.A.)
Directed by Paul C. Barranco
Cast: Jamie Sterling, Rusty Long, Marcos Sifu, Sergio Laus
Join two pro surfers as they take on China’s Qiantand River, one of the world’s longest tidal bores.

Surfing With The Enemy (2010, 54 minutes U.S.A., Cuba)
Directed by Adam Preskill, Scott Braman, Narrated by Lance Henriksen
This is the story of a group of surfers from Havana struggling to establish a niche for their sport in Cuba’s restrictive society. Guided by Eduardo Valdes, founder of the Havana Surf Association, two filmmakers from Venice Beach traveled across the island to the infamous Guantanamo province, home to the U.S. Naval Station at Guantanamo Bay. Searching for surf along this controversial stretch of land, they discover a forbidden paradise that is home to the country’s best waves just miles from the U.S. coastline. It is here where they learn what it means to be a surfer and a citizen of modern-day Cuba.

Tanker Love (2011, 14 minutes, U.S.A.)
Directed by Brian Meehan
Some of the world’s most legendary stand-up paddlers surf waves created by oil tankers in Galveston Bay while raising awareness of the destruction left by Hurricane Ike.

Way of The Ocean (2010, 53 minutes, Australia)
Directed by Matt Kleiner
Cast: Asher Pacey, Adam Robertson, Josh Kerr, Kelly Slater
Explore the connection between man and the sea through a visual feast of poetic motion. The world’s largest island provides a breathtaking backdrop to some of the best surfing found on the planet. Australia has become a mainstream pursuit for surfers from all corners of the globe. From the tropical paradise of the Great Barrier Reef down through the frigid Southern Ocean and up to the arid desert of the West, we see an intimate portrait of this unique land. Welcome to the odyssey of your life. Welcome to Australia.