2011 Newport Beach Film Festival | Action Sports Film Series

Like A Lion (2010, 93 minutes, U.S.A.)
Directed by Eric Iberg, Shane Nelson
Cast: Tanner Hall, Glen Plake, Jonny Moseley, Jon Olsson, Pep Fujas, Cr Johnson
From a rebellious past as a high school dropout to seven ESPN X-Games Gold medals, Tanner Hall is the winningest and most controversial skier of the last decade. He has experienced it all, from adversity and self-confidence to tragedy and triumph. But beyond skiing, action sports stardom, and rock-star clichÈs, the high-risk, high adrenaline life of a sports icon demonstrates the kind of courage that compels the best to continually comeback from life’s toughest blows.

The Lone Jackal (2010, 24 minutes, South Africa)
Directed by Jonathan Grant Wheeler
Enjoy an artistic perspective of motocross in Africa. Follow freestyle FMX rider Alastair Sayer on his action packed adventures.

Moments (2011, 15 minutes, U.S.A.)
Directed by Jamie Tierney
Cast: Dane Reynolds, Kelly Slater, Jeremy Flores, Clay Marzo, Craig Anderson
Moments showcases the talents of Quiksilver’s elite surf team while exploring their unique personalities.

On The Grind (2009, 26 minutes, U.S.A.)
Directed by James Cheeks III
Cast: Rob Gonzalez, Chad Tim Tim, Danny Montoya, Kevin Paylor, Marquise Packer, Bunthin Hem, Roby Sandoval, Laurietta King
In Long Beach, skateboarding isn’t just some suburban sport – it’s a means of survival…

Out Of The Shadows (2010, 58 minutes, Canada)
Directed by Athan Merrick, Nicolas Teichrob
Cast: PY Leblanc, Chris Turpin, Brett Crabtree, Jon Larsson, Maxim Arsenault, Eliel Hindert, Christian Boucher, Dave Treadway, Mathieu Gagnon Theriault, Ian Cheddar Watson, Dave Gheriani, Adam Topshee, Alex Blais, Athan Merrick
Shot in the mountains of British Columbia, several skiers, who have been in the shadows for far too long, shred the mountains of British Columbia with uninhibited passion. Featuring high-energy stunts and amazing feats, these fine athletes share what they love more than anything: the freedom and thrill that accompanies their sport.

The Physics Of Surfing (2010, 26 minutes, U.S.A.)
Directed by Greg Passmore
Follow pro surfers Julie Cox and Kyla Langen as they surf at various locations around the world. Using advanced camera equipment and technology, filmmaker Greg Passmore explores the science and physics behind the poetic imagery of surfing.

Solo (2010, 7 minutes, U.S.A.)
Directed by Jason Ryan
Cast: Steven Mueller
Toiling on an arid and cracked landscape, a man grooms earthen monuments into a functional outlet for his bike skills.

Splinters (2011, 94 minutes, U.S.A.)
Directed by Adam Pesce
In the 1980s, a pilot left behind a surfboard in a remote seaside village in Papua New Guinea, a land known for cargo cults and cannibalism. Twenty years later, the sport of surfing is not only growing, but has become a means to prestige among those in the village. The countercultural sport is a unique catalyst for social change as women gain newfound status in a violent, patriarchal community. The surfing experiment comes to a head when four village surfers compete in the country’s first-ever national surfing titles. As the village grapples with its identity, these young heroes hold on to the idea that a spot on the New Guinea surfing team is their only way to see life outside of their village.

Stoked & Broke (2010, 56 minutes, U.S.A.)
Directed by Cyrus Sutton, Ryan Burch
Cast: Cyrus Sutton, Richard Kenvin
Making their own boards, bamboo rickshaws, solar cookers, and hobo stoves, two surfer friends set off on a 30 mile, eight day walk through San Diego, CA. Consulting bums, panhandling, selling sage, and collecting cans, they attempt to show the surfing culture that great adventures can be had anywhere. But what begins as a guide to taking a minimalist surfing journey, quickly becomes an examination of the relationship between freedom and alienation.