Title: Art Director

What do you do at TransWorld SNOWboarding?  

Art Director

Where are you from?  

Born in Hawaii lived in oceanside since I was 6yrs old. My dad alway said I came from a hole in hawaii ;)

How did you get into Design?

Doing Graffiti as a kid with no College interest it seemed like the only logical transition for me. I was a shit head.


How long have you been snowboarding for?

I suck. But since I was 13

Where is your home mountain?

Big Bear

What’s your favorite snowboard video and why?

I love the Jeremy Jones videos because of the exploration and adventure aspects. Plus who wouldn’t want to ride untouched powder. I guess I like dreaming.

Who are your inspirations in snowboarding?

Kevin Pierce (just knowing him on a local level and watching his story unfold he’s a good dude!) & Jeremy Jones.

Your Top 10 most influential snowboarders?

Shayne Pospisil you should take me out in Mammoth for a powder sesh… ;)

What are some of the other things you like to do?

Surf, Paint, Tinker, Beer, make shit,  and hang with my Family and friends. Pretty standard. Smoke Weeeeeed Maaaannnnnn! jk…

What’s your favorite piece of snowboard technology from the last decade?  

The snowboard leash! Haha!

Which video part from last season are you most stoked on? 

Jake Blauvet Naturally

What’s your favorite part about working for TransWorld?  

Good Vibes! Also easy deadlines & mellow ship weeks!