How To: Detune Your Board


How To: Detune Your Board

Boards come with razor sharp edges from the factory, and unless you plan on navigating some icy race gates or tackling a technical mountain line, you better shave off the bite before it bites back. Detune for less catch with these tips.


1. Close Cut
Use a small hand file at a 45-degree angle to your board and gently round your contact points with a few short strokes. (Contact points are generally the last four inches before the initial rise of the nose and tail.) If you plan on ripping park, do this more heavily-with less angle-along the edges where you jib.


2. Street Beat
If you’re hitting the streets or serious about jibbing, go all in and use an angle grinder with a sanding/grinding disc. Grind away the edge’s perpendicular corner into a smooth, rounded surface along the length of your board. Good luck riding ice!


3. Polish It
Smooth up those edges using a gummy stone and some elbow grease. Rub the stone in small motions tip to tail on the side and base edge until the edge shines. You can find a gummy stone in numerous tune kits and snowboard shops.

Just The Tip
Rockered boards have different edge pressure and sidecut radii. Many come “rail ready” tuned. Before you grind away your edge (and control) identify your board’s contact points.

Illustrations: Shawn O’Keefe