Yes Jackpot Good Wood 2013

Yes Jackpot Snowboard Review 2012 2013 TransWorld SNOWboarding Good Wood Photo: Chris Wellhausen

Yes Jackpot Snowboard Review

A sure bet. Camber in between the inserts and reverse camber to the tip and tail produces a lively ride that’ll give back what you put in. The core’s profile is thinnest between the bindings for a softer torsional or edge-to-edge flex and all-around mellow ride. It’ll help you get loose in the park while keeping you in control.

Price: $430

Category: Park

Sizes: 146, 149, 152, 154, 156, 158

Tester Feedback: “Great overall board. Fast and responsive—don’t change a thing!”


2013 2013 TransWorld SNOWboarding Good Wood Snowboard Test Yes Jackpot

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