TransWorld SNOWboarding’s Holiday Gift Guide

Slash Straight Snowboard ($450)

Since Slash entered the board world, they’ve impressed a lot of people. And from my experience with a custom Tribe Called Slash board I can attest to enjoying the ride. I’m eager shred the powder slayer known as the Straight 163.—C.W.

Union Contact Pro ($230)

When you pick these things up they almost feel too light, that spider web highback too fragile. But once you strap in the new baseplate feels solid and has an insanely cushioned ride and true flex, and the highback is way more responsive than you think. Gigi’s down, so am I.—B.G.

iNi Crystalize Jacket ($300)

Spaceship Earth. It’s all we’ve got so if you can stay warm, dry, and reduce your impact on the environment, why not? The 20,000 waterproof/breathable Exposphere is made of recycled, reused, or up-cycled fibers, providing protection for you and our tiny blue dot in a vast void of nothingness.G.G.

HydroFlask X Drink Water 21 oz. Insulated Bottle ($35)

You’re not just giving a water bottle, you’re sharing an idea—water is better for you than sodium-laden, high-fructose syrup, energy drinks. Ten percent of profits are donated to provide clean drinking water for someone in need, via—G.G.

Coal Hansen Beanie ($46)

I’m no sheep farmer, but man, wool is the best. Truth is, nothing can touch the warmth, wicking, odor repellency, and sustainability of the stuff. This Alpaca/merino wool blend comes in a cool cuff style, too, which is hard to find. It’s pricy, but it’s worth it and way better than wrapping your head in some petroleum-derived acrylic.—B.G.

Crab Grab Shark Teeth ($11)

Slipping out on your snowboard when you’re in the lift line sucks. It’s so embarrassing and un-cool. Thankfully Crab Grab has eliminated that fear from my life with their new Scott Stevens pro-model Shark Teeth. They’re mad grippy so now I never have to worry about being embarrassed or un-cool ever again.—Hondo