TransWorld SNOWboarding’s Holiday Gift Guide

PowderJet Gypsy Snowboard ($550)

You can’t truly appreciate one of these pure wood boards until you see it in person. The shape, weight in your hands, and one-of-kind wood grain make it something you want to hold onto for life, not just a few seasons. Hand-built in Vermont by Jesse Loomis.G.G.

Holden Fishtail Jacket ($310)

The perfect jacket to hide away from all those bothersome authority figures. I want to keep it lifestyle, and functional. And this coat has all the necessities with the quality you’ve come to expect from Holden. There’s even a secret pocket for your “Du-ganes”.—J.A.

Airblaster Sassy Sweater ($80)

I’m sure I’ll spill drinks on it, and food, and probably burn holes in it—maybe take it off to lay it on the floor, urinate on it in a drunken spell of holiday cheer, but I will never stop loving this sweater.—J.P.

Springbreak PowderRacer Slush Slasher ($595)

This snowboard seriously rules. It’s totally chode shaped (short and wide), has no tail, or any sidecut. But it’s all good. I rode this bad boy at Mt. Hood all summer in the slush and it was awesome, but I really can’t wait to let `er rip in the pow this winter.Hondo

Vans Module ($130)

After a long day of shooting and shredding I look forward to dipping my feet into these. The thick Vibram sole and tread grips super well in snowy conditions and the big rubber toe-cap keeps my feet dry even if I jump in a puddle.—N.H.