TransWorld SNOWboarding’s Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Is it better to give or get? The answer is, well, both. Amongst the edit crew we rounded up a handful of shred gear we’d be stoked to give and receive this season.

Photos: Chris Wellhausen

The North Face McMurdo Parka ($330)

Have you ever seen the show The Wire? Well if you haven’t you should give it a shot, it’s awesome. They wear amazing clothes on that show. This McMurdo Parka from The North Face would definitely be Avon Barksdale approved.—Hondo

Smith x Poler x Austin Smith Vice Goggle ($140)

I’ve seen a lot of collabs on the Internet, two girls one cup kind of stuff, but a trillabo, now that’s some heavy shit. Wait, I haven’t snowboarded since ’96, but these goggles are tight!—Koop

Salomon Assassin Snowboard ($470)

I put a wanted ad up on the ol’ www that went something like this: ‘SNOWBOARD NEEDED’ regular camber or thereabouts, not too soft, wider waist widths available, unique twin tip shape, solid company. This one came back.—J.P.