Surplus: 2014 Backcountry Gear


Snacks, mountain money (TP), lighter—shit can add up like a car camping trip when you head out into the backcountry. But man, it’s nice when you’re slashing up some pow with nothing but a light pack on your back. From sidecountry to peak-bagging, work your way there with this choice gear.

PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Black Diamond Bandit AvaLung Kit ($280)

All the essentials in one streamlined sidecountry kit.
Bandit AvaLung Pack: slim, simple, and perfect for sidecountry, snowcat, and heli trips with the built in safety of an AvaLung.
Deploy 3 Shovel: the handle is slotted into the blade and always connected for swift digging.
Quickdraw Super Tour Probe 265: aluminum for strength with cone connectors for rapid deploy.

Pieps DSP Sport Beacon ($275)

The three antennae deliver rapid, precise signal pinpointing and the one-button and bold LCD functionality makes it simple to use if the urgency arises.