Signal Vita, $329Signal Vita, $329

Here’s what the testers had to say:

“Really soft and sweet for jibbing, but a little soft for big jumps. Good pop though.”
“This was a super fun all-around park board! Steady enough on takeoffs and landings but also really fun on rails.”
“One of my favorite boards in terms of flex. Good all around- jumps, rails, cruising. I like a little softer nose and this board has it. Sweet how wide it is!”
“This board had nice pop and felt solid edge to edge. It could be a little more reactive but other than that, it was great.”

Signal VitaEffective Edge (cm)Waist Width (cm)Weight Range (lbs)Stance Range (in)Stance Location (in)Sidecut (m)ShapeCamber
135 cm10321.7n/a17.7–22.4Centered6.8TwinTraditional
143 cm10923n/a19.7–24.4Centered7.2TwinTraditional
147 cm11223.7n/a20.1–24.8Centered7.5TwinTraditional
151 cm11524.3n/a20.5–25.2Centered7.6TwinTraditional
153 cm11724.6n/a20.5–25.2Centered7.7TwinTraditional