Ride Machete, $430Ride Machete, $430

Here’s what the tester’s had to say:

“Jump board! Hot on rails too. I liked it, it was perfect for everything.”
“It made pretty stable turns with a damp feel. I would have liked it a little softer though.”
“Well rounded, turns decent, jibs great.”
“Ripping park board. My only beef is that carving hard, sharp turns was a little difficult. Otherwise,  it was stable, poppy and fun.”
“Fun, mellow ride that felt easy to ride switch.”
“Real fun all mountain killer. Stiff enough to jump. Soft enough for presses. Just enough rocker.”

Ride MacheteEffective Edge (cm)Waist Width (cm)Weight Range (lbs)Stance Range (in)Stance Location (in)Sidecut (m)ShapeCamber
152 cm117.824.5100–15019–24.5Centered8.65/7.15/8.65TwinAlternative
155 cm11924.7115–16519–24.5Centered8.75/7.25/8.75TwinAlternative
158 cm121.624.9125–17520–25.5Centered8.85/7.35/8.85TwinAlternative
160 cm124.125130–18020–25.5Centered8.95/7.45/8.95TwinAlternative
162 cm126.725.2140–19020–25.5Centered9.05/7.55/9.05TwinAlternative
157 cm Wide122.826.1150–220+20–25.5Centered8.8/7.3/8.8TwinAlternative
161 cm Wide125.426.2160–220+20–25.5Centered9/7.5/9TwinAlternative
164 cm Wide127.926.3170–220+20–25.5Centered9.2/7.7/9.2TwinAlternative