Omatic Extr-Eco Wigglestick, $390Omatic Extr-Eco Wigglestick, $390

Here’s what the testers had to say:

“One of the best boards I’ve gotten to ride, really, really fun.”
“This board rode well all around, but on boxes, I felt like it was ready to loop out. But you can definitely press anything with ease.”
“A fun board, but a little bit unstable because of the base technology. It swivels a bit when riding flat based.”
“This is a really fun rail board.”
“I don’t know about a wigglestick, but a fun board.”
“Really fun board with awesome pop. A little more sidecut and it would be perfect.”

Omatic Extr–Eco WigglestickEffective Edge (cm)Waist Width (cm)Weight Range (lbs)Stance Range (in)Stance Location (in)Sidecut (m)ShapeCamber
149 cm11824.7100–16016–25–16.9TwinAlternative
151 cm12024.9100–16016–25–17TwinAlternative
154 cm12125.1125–18516–25–17.7TwinAlternative
157 cm12225.2140–195+16–25–18TwinAlternative
160 cm12425.4140–195+16–25–18.1TwinAlternative