Notables: Burton Method

Photo: Chris Wellhausen
Photo: Chris Wellhausen

Notables: Burton Method 158
Space Stick

Prepare for a lofty departure when you snap an ollie on this space-age stick. With a goal of creating the “lightest-weight, highest performance snowboard in the world that would still hold up to today’s standard of riding styles,” Burton board designer Peter Bergendahl shaved down the board’s weight like a skilled butcher, then encapsulated it in S2 Carbon Vaporskin fiberglass composite, which boasts 30 percent more strength and 25 percent less weight than traditional glass-because everywhere that weight was cut had to be “simultaneously coupled with new levels of durability, speed, and performance” notes Bergendahl. This reductive design is taken even further with the Alumasuperfly core, slim sidewalls, titanium alloy edges, and a Teflon-infused base. All together it’s insanely featherweight, semi-translucent, and resembles a tablet the Silver Surfer would be shredding through the mist.

Length: 158 cm
Sidecut Radius: 7.85 mm
Waist Width: 25 cm
Effective Edge: 122.25 cm
Price: $1,499
Also Available: 155, 162