K2 Darkstar Snowboard, $399K2 Darkstar, $399

Here’s what the testers had to say:

“K2 did it again, the Darkstar is always one of my favorites. Amazing on jumps, a little stiff on rails, but an awesome board.”
“Really solid and predictable board. It has a stable takeoff and landing. It’s a little stiff to really get a good press on rails. I would ride this board for jumping and high speed ripping.”
“I love this board, super fun, even though I fell 25 feet to flat on my head, it’s not the board’s fault. Hah.”
“A really smooth ride and very responsive.”
“I felt like I had been riding this board all season! The flex was perfect on jumps and pretty good on rails too.”

K2 DarkstarEffective Edge (cm)Waist Width (cm)Weight Range (lbs)Stance Range (in)Stance Location (in)Sidecut (m)ShapeCamber
149 cm116.6724.4110–19019–24.5Centered7.7TwinTraditional
152 cm119.324.5120–19019–24.5Centered7.8TwinTraditional
155 cm121.8424.7130–20020–25.5Centered7.9TwinTraditional
157 cm124.3824.9130–21020–25.5Centered8TwinTraditional
159 cm126.9225.1150+20–25.5Centered8.1TwinTraditional
154 cm Wide121.8425.9140–23020–25.5Centered7.9TwinTraditional
157 cm Wide124.3826.1150+20–25.5Centered8TwinTraditional
160 cm Wide126.9226.3160+20–25.5Centered8.1TwinTraditional
163 cm Wide129.4626.5170+21–26.5Centered8.2TwinTraditional