PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Electronics made for our snowy sphere.

1. Zeal Transcend GPS SPX Goggle ($399)
Track your speed, vertical, distance, GPS, and more.

2. Contour + Camera ($500)
With a high-end, snow-proof lens and audio input, it’ll catch all the action.

3. Dry Guy Circulator Boot Dryer ($30)
Travel-friendly dryers to prevent swamp foot.

4. SPOT Connect ($170)
Turns you cell phone into an instant satellite messenger.

5. Vestal Doppler Slim Watch ($190)
A big bold face to track the time.

6. hOme C-Class Watch ($350)
Swiss class in a small package.

7. Burton Mix Master Mitt ($160)
Mix up the tracks on your iPod or iPhone wirelessly.