Full Frame

PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen
PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

If seeing is believing, then trust these 12 fog-free frames. With a grip of new models, fits, and lens-swapping options—the one you want is a clear choice.

1. Dragon APX ($185)
Comes with a wide-eyed view and an extra lens in the box.

2. Smith I/O ($165)
Face-hugging and frameless for easy lens swapping. Extra lens included.

3. Oakley Airbrake ($230)
Top-notch optics with a new lever lens-changing system. Extra lens included.

4. Quiksilver Hubble ($160)
A super thin frame and wraparound lenses offer an unsurpassed peripheral view.

5. Electric EG2 ($180)
Full-frame fit in Pat Moore’s pro model colorway.

6. Spy Platoon ($150)
A new, large frame fit, with crystal-clear optics by Carl Zeiss.