DC BFT, $359DC BFT, $359

Here’s what the testers had to say:

“Felt really floaty edge to edge. Sweet on rails and boxes, but was a little loose for really hucking spins.”
“Wow! This board felt very floaty on the crazy slush. It was also very stable in the air.”
“Overall a really fun board. Smooth when cruising. Pops sweet on jumps.”
“So very springy and elastic. Perfect for jibbing but could use a little more sidecut stability.”

DC BFTEffective Edge (cm)Waist Width (cm)Weight Range (lbs)Stance Range (in)Stance Location (in)Sidecut (m)ShapeCamber
143 cm10024.175–13518.3–23Centered6.7TwinTraditional
147 cm10324.285–14518.7–23.4Centered6.9TwinTraditional
151 cm10624.395–15519.3–24Centered7.1TwinTraditional
153 cm107.524.4105–16519.3–24Centered7.3TwinTraditional