Board Of The Month: DC Devun Walsh

Photo: Chris Wellhausen
Photo: Chris Wellhausen

Board Of The Month: DC Devun Walsh

Devun’s deck has a lot to live up to. As a consummate pro who’s been shredding for 22 years, he knows how a board should ride. His build is the top-of-the-line deck from DC and comes in a stable, flat profile with slightly rockered tips for pow float and steady ollies. It’s built around a lightweight poplar wood core and ash hardwood stringers for increased sturdiness. Its high-density dimpled base reduces suction and offers unmatched speed, even without wax. Carbon-laced fiberglass and a maple hardwood veneer topsheet finish it off. It’s got everything a Canadian legend, or aspiring one, could need. Style not included.

About The Graphic

Artist Adam Jafry illustrated this deck. The native, Northwest-style totem was built with items that represent Devun. Look closely and you can find a dog, hockey sticks, a skateboard, helicopter, snowcat, and snowmobile.

Available lengths: 154, 157, 162

Shape: Twin

Camber: Flat, with rockered tips

Ideal Terrain: Freestyle big mountain, park

Price: $540

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