30 Days of Giveaways ThirtyTwo Boots and Outerwear


Dress like a legend with this JP Walker ThirtyTwo complete outerwear and boots set!


JP Walker, aka The Don, is no slouch. He’s in the streets filming hammer after hammer. And his gear reflects that-the Blahzay pants are a perfect camo for JP to hide out in, so people don’t bite what he’s doing.  And his orange Shiloh jacket is there to pop out when fools are sleeping.  And do you think Jp’s feet hurt after a day of dropping hammers? No way, and now yours won’t either.  The ThrityTwo Jp Walker boots have a nice mid-flex, an articulating cuff, and ThirtyTwo’s STI Evoloution foam. So you know they are nice. Win this ThirtyTwo package, and it’s your turn to sneak attack and pop out on your local scene, all while wearing this awesome kit from ThirtyTwo!

ThirtyTwo JP Walker Boots

ThirtyTwo Shiloh Jacket
ThirtyTwo Shiloh Jacket
ThirtyTwo Blahzay Pants
ThirtyTwo Blahzay Pants

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